Skateboarding in Le Havre: A City Riding the Waves of Popularity

Le Havre, a picturesque port city in northern France, is not just known for its rich maritime history and UNESCO World Heritage status. It's also making waves in the world of skateboarding. With its skater-friendly streets, vibrant community, and dedicated clubs like the ULTRA SKATE CLUB, Le Havre has become a hub for skateboard enthusiasts. Here's a deep dive into the city's thriving skate culture.


A Skater's Paradise

Le Havre is a Skatepark. ┬ęDimitri Cav├ę

Le Havre's beach skatepark is a testament to the city's commitment to the sport. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The city boasts numerous skateboarding "spots" perfect for street skating. From the artistic surroundings of Muma and Quai Southampton to the historic Saint-Michel church and Place de l'H├┤tel de Ville, skateboarders have many locations to showcase their skills.

Nomads of the Urban Jungle

Skating outside MuMa

Skating outside MuMa. ┬ęDimitri Cav├ę

Skateboarders in Le Havre are true explorers. They roam the city streets, looking for the next perfect spot to land a new trick. Their passion for the sport is evident in the videos and photos they share, capturing gravity-defying stunts against the backdrop of Le Havre's urban landscape.

Home to Skateboarding Royalty

Joseph Garbaccio, one of France's most celebrated skateboarders, hails from Le Havre. His participation in the Tokyo Olympics as part of the Olympic skateboard team further cements his status as a skateboarding icon.

ULTRA SKATE CLUB: The Heartbeat of Le Havre's Skate Scene

Simon Lebas, Ultra Skate Club

Founded in March 2022 by Simon Lebas, the ULTRA SKATE CLUB has quickly become a cornerstone of Le Havre's skateboarding community. The club promotes skateboarding culture in Le Havre and beyond with a team comprising Maxime Lehoux, Shane Haddad, and Simon Desloges. Offering lessons for all levels, the club emphasizes the joy of skating, the thrill of learning, and the resilience of falling and rising again. Their partnership with Quiksilver Le Havre, DC Shoes, and Element Skateboard, along with the city's support, has enabled them to practice in Le Havre's first covered skatepark. The club's success is a testament to the unwavering support of parents, guardians, students, friends, skaters, and local businesses.


A Community United by Passion

"Le Regroupement", an association of skateboarders, is a testament to Le Havre's tight-knit skateboarding community. Organizing events and fostering a sense of camaraderie, the association plays a pivotal role in promoting the sport in the city. The bustling "West" skate shop, frequented by eager young enthusiasts, further underscores the city's love for skateboarding.

World-Class Skatepark Manufacturers

Le Havre is home to a branch of California Skateparks, one of the largest skatepark manufacturers globally. Their impressive portfolio includes creating skateparks for the Olympic Games, further elevating Le Havre's status in skateboarding.

Celebrating Extreme Sports

Every year, Le Havre hosts FISE (International Extreme Sports Festival), drawing participants and spectators from all over. It's a celebration of extreme sports, with skateboarding taking center stage.

In conclusion, Le Havre is more than just a port city. It's a skateboarding haven where the sport is celebrated, nurtured, and revered. Whether you're a seasoned skateboarder or looking to pick up the sport, Le Havre welcomes you with open arms and smooth streets. So, grab your board and ride the wave of excitement in this skater's paradise!

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