Boca Del Rio


About Boca Del Rio

Boca Del Río is a city and municipality located in the center of the Mexican state of Veracruz (1). Boca Del Río is the largest financial, commercial, and tourist center of the whole Gulf of Mexico (2). It has a natural landscape, cultural, and historical wealth.


In Boca Del Rio there are 35 daycare centers, 84 elementary schools, 21 middle schools, 17 high schools, and 9 schools of higher education (2).

Culture & Tourism

In the last years national and international tourism increased in Boca Del Rio (2).The city is one of the main tourist sites of the Gulf of Mexico (2). Boca Del Rio has a lot of touristic infrastructures, five malls, 9 miles of beaches, several chains of national and international supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, and many more (2;3).

Boca Del Rio’s most famous sights include Plaza Civica, Plaza Dorada, Gutierrez Barrios Theatre, Plaza Banderas, San Pedro Church, San Pablo Church, Vicente Fox Boulevard, Agustín Lara House Museum, municipal Palace, Santa Ana church, Town Hall, Zocalo, Boca Del Río´s downtown, the main dock called Muella Banderas, and the National Institute of Anthropology and History (1;2).

National Institute of Anthropology and History is modern Cultural Center created to bring national and international tourism to the historical knowledge of our culture (2).


Boca Del Rio possesses excellent lines of communication by sea, air, and land. The city does not have an airport, but the nearest major airport, General Heriberto Jara Corona International Airport, is located in Veracruz, 9 miles from the center of Boca Del Rio (4). The latter port works closely with the port of Veracruz (1). There is a boardwalk that connects the port of Boca Del Rio with the port of Veracruz (1).


The economic principal activities are agriculture, ranching, industry, fishing and the trade (2).

Boca Del Rio’s main agricultural products include maize, banana, mango, citrus fruits, and tamarind (2).

Boca Del Rio’s main ranching includes pigs’ livestock, sheep livestock, and poultry livestock (2).

Boca Del Rio’s major industries include workshops, petroleum engineering, drilling, and geophysics (2).

Boca Del Rio has a variety of fish: crustaceans and mollusks, sea shrimp, crayfish, snapper, sea bass, and octopus (2). Millions of tons of sea products from Boca Del Rio are exported to various parts of the country and the world (2).

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