Tampa Sister Cities Elects 2024 Board of Directors

January 17, 2024 - Tampa, FL. Tampa Sister Cities is pleased to announce the election of its 2024 Board of Directors. This year's board members are diverse individuals from all over Tampa Bay, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to further the organization's mission and goals.

The new Board brings together experience in international relations, business, education, government, and non-profit organizations who will help guide Tampa Sister Cities into an era of unprecedented growth and collaboration with cities around the globe.

The following individuals were elected to serve on the 2024 Board of Directors:

  • Alfred Goldberg, President
  • Vince Pardo, Vice President
  • Gianna Caravella, Secretary
  • Vanessa Martinez, Chairperson of the University and Youth Outreach Committee
  • Rey Bulnes, Chairperson Membership Committee
  • Borda, Carla Patricia, Director
  • Jean-Charles Faust, Director
  • Jack Ross, Director
  • Charles Thouvenot, Director
  • Enrique Woodroffe, Director

Affiliate Directors are as follows:

  • Vince J. Pardo, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Agrigento, Italy
  • Lillie Kaufman, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Ashdod, Israel
  • Fernando Falquez, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Barranquilla, Columbia
  • Elena Ketchum, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Kamil Koc, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Izmir, Turkey
  • Linman Li, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Lanzhou, China
  • Rose-Marie Magriby, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) LeHavre, France
  • Raul (Sonny) Palomino, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Oviedo, Spain
  • Alex Pinzkoski, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Collen Herlihy, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) South Dublin, Ireland
  • Torrey Chambliss, Chairperson (Affiliate Committee) Veracruz/Boca del Rio, Mexico

The Board is excited to bring together this team of talented individuals who will work together to lead Tampa Sister Cities into a successful future. Members of the Board are passionate about giving back to their community and helping promote international understanding through cultural exchange. We look forward to the year ahead and all of the fantastic opportunities for growth and development that will come with it!

The 2024 Board of Directors is eager to start their new roles and has already begun planning programs and initiatives for the upcoming year. We are dedicated to making Tampa a premier destination for international exchange and look forward to building relationships across the globe.

About Tampa Sister Cities

Tampa Sister Cities Committee, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that aims to involve people and organizations at all levels of our society in personal diplomacy. It was incorporated on July 12, 1967, as a non-profit corporation and defined in its articles of incorporation as a membership organization to foster better international understanding and cooperation through Sister City relationships.

Citizens of Tampa who desire to become directly involved with another culture and share their culture by linking with a community in another country can join the Tampa Sister Cities Committee, Inc. and participate in the many affiliations' activities. To learn more about Tampa Sister Cities, visit their website at https://tampasistercities.org/.

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