Mayor Sandy Freedman leaves today for a three-day visit to one of Tampa’s sister cities, Agrigento, Italy. Located in the hills of Sicily, Agrigento (population 47,919) first was settled by the Greeks about 582 B.C. Its exports include olives, grapes, almonds, wheat, coral and sponge. A delegation from Agrigento visited Tampa last July. The city of Agrigento and Sister Cities of Tampa Inc., a privately funded organization, will pay for Freedman’s trip. Sister Cities International, the parent organization of Tampa’s sister cities group, was . in 1956 to foster cultural and trade exchanges between U.S. cities and towns across the globe. Along with Agrigento, Tampa’s other sister cities are Barranquilla, Colombia; Cordoba, Argentina; and Oviedo, Spain. After her visit to Agrigento, Freedman is ‘, to go on vacation and plans to return to work June 1.